• Simulating the Monty Hall problem

    The Monty Hall problem is a well known probability puzzle which many people find counterintuitive. Personally, even though I now understand the basic maths involved, it still seems absurd. So I decided to simulate the situation.

  • Monitoring internet speed with a Raspberry Pi

    While cleaning out some old cartons last weekend, I found my old Raspberry Pi Model B+. It is the first iteration of the Pi. It has a 700MHz ARM CPU and 512MB of RAM. It uses a micro-SD card for non-volatile storage. So as you can see, it is quite a capable little computer, and you can power it off a standard 5V USB charger, which means you can run it all the time without worrying about power consumption.

  • Struct padding in C and C++

    Struct padding in C and C++ is a feature that has huge potential in tripping up any kind of program that communicates with another machine. Let’s look at what it means.

  • Projects page

    Over the years I have tried to learn new things by doing. I have added links to these projects in the Projects page. You can visit it by clicking the button in the top navigation bar.

  • I made an inflation calculator for ₹ (Indian Rupees)

    I’ve always wanted to know the answer to the kind of question: How much would ₹X be worth n years later, if you account only for inflation. While there are many good calculators that do this for $, I could not find a good one for ₹.

  • Some odd GCC behavior

    In C++, there are generally two kinds of memory that you use.

  • Naming the blog

    After a few hours of thinking and asking a couple of people I know, I came up with the name of this blog.

  • You cannot mark a neighbor STALE in old Linux

    Reporting another ARP quirk with the Linux kernel.

  • You cannot delete neighbors in Linux

    Linux maintains a list of known IP neighbors. You can look at the list using the iproute2 family of commands.

  • C macro gotcha

    I’ll try to describe the incident that inspired me to start this blog.

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